The Camu camera app has been available to iPhone users for some time but now mobile photographers using devices running Google's Android operating system can download and install the app as well. Unlike some of the recently announced camera apps for Android, Camu doesn't offer manual controls nor Raw capture. The user interface is very simplistic and designed for point-and-shoot operation but still offers some interesting features.

You can live-swipe left or right to apply a range of Instagram-like filters to both still images and video footage. Split-screen images and collages consisting of more than two images can be designed at the point of capture rather than in post-editing. In the same way you can "live-apply" a blur effect simulating the narrow-depth of field of a DSLR/fast lens combination. There are also a few post-capture editing options including cropping, blurring and overlaying adjustable text on top of your image. The selfie-mode includes a clever algorithm that captures an image when subject motion is minimal to avoid blur.

As usual on Android, the end result can be shared with any app that is capable of processing an image including all social networks. Camu works with Android version 2.3 and newer, and is available as a free download on the Google Play Store

Via: TNW