Dropbox Transfer, a file-sharing service previously made available to beta testers, is now available to all Dropbox users. The tool enables anyone to share files at capacities up to 100GB with optional password protection and expiration dates. The content is accessed using a privately shared link; the recipient doesn't need a Dropbox account to download the content.

Dropbox Transfer is similar to WeTransfer, Smash, Hightail and other file-sharing services. The platform enables Dropbox users to rapidly upload content from their account or computer's hard drive, set an expiration date and password if desired and choose the background and logo for the Dropbox Transfer interface that'll be presented to the recipient.

According to Dropbox, its file-sharing service gives users more control over the content than they'd have if they shared a folder. For example, the link to the transferred content automatically expires in seven days. As well, the recipients aren't able to edit the files in the transfers and the sender can monitor the number of views and downloads.

By default, a Dropbox Transfer link will show the recipient a list of the shared files and their sizes, the name of the sender, and the transfer's expiration date. The transfer size limitation is based on the sender's Dropbox plan: free users are limited to 100MB, Plus ($12 per month) and Business Standard ($15 per month) include 2GB transfers, and the following plans support 100GB transfers:

- Professional ($19.99 per month)
- Business Advanced ($25 per month)
- Enterprise (Pricing varies, contact Dropbox for details)
- Education (Pricing varies, contact Dropbox for details)

Users who want to change the transfer's background and logo will need a Dropbox Professional subscription. Content can be transferred and accessed using the Dropbox.com/Transfer desktop website and the company's iOS mobile app. It's unclear whether Android support is in the pipeline at this time.

Update (November 5, 2019): Updated headline to clarify the 100GB limit is only for select Dropbox plans and clarified the pricing on the various plans offered.