Chinese smartphone manufacturer Vivo has been teasing its upcoming Vivo NEX 2 flagship model on its own website and Youtube and it looks like the new model will introduce an interesting new concept that - if widely adopted - could make smartphone front cameras a thing of the past: Dual screens.

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The teasers are in line with previous rumors and indicate that the NEX 2 will come with a smaller secondary display on the rear of the device. From a camera point of view this means that the need for a front camera has been eliminated as the rear main camera can be used to capture selfie portraits or video, and record footage for video calls.

No front camera likely also means no display "notch", allowing the main display to occupy the entire front of the device. Other rumored specs include an option with 10GB RAM and 128 GB storage, Snapdragon 845 chipset and AMOLED display technology.

Judging by one of the teaser animations, the main camera will likely combine three sensors and lenses in a circular module that is surrounded by a circle of flash LEDs.

We'll know more on December 11 when the new model is expected to officially launch but if rumors and teasers are anything to go by it already looks like the Vivo NEX 2 could be one of the most innovative new smartphones of 2018.