Over the weekend, Canon’s cloud media hosting platform, image.canon, suffered an outage that left users unable to login and use the service. No specific information was provided over the weekend, but we now know what went wrong.

In a statement shared on the image.canon homepage, Canon confirmed there’s been an issue with its long-term storage on image.canon that’s resulted in the loss of original image and video uploads. The full notice reads as follows:

Important Notice
Thank you for using image.canon.
On the 30th of July, we identified an issue within the 10GB long term storage on image.canon. Some of the original photo and video data files have been lost. We have confirmed that the still image thumbnails of the affected files have not been affected.
In order to conduct further review, we have temporarily suspended both the mobile app and web browser service of image.canon.
Information regarding the resumption of service and contact information for customer support will be made available soon.
There has been no leak of image data.
We apologize for any inconvenience.

To prevent any further issues, Canon has temporarily shut down both the mobile and web app versions of image.canon. Per the notice, we should have further updates ‘soon.’ We will update this article when further updates are provided.