Lume Cube has introduced Lume Cube Panel, a new battery-powered bi-color LED light that's about the size of a smartphone. The pocket-sized device offers 3200K to 5600K light adjustable in increments of 5%, as well as a small built-in LCD control screen that shows battery level, color temperature, brightness, and run time. When fully charged, the LED light can be used for 1.5 hours at full power and up to 7.5 hours or longer on low power.

In addition to featuring a micro USB charging port, Lume Cube has included a secondary USB-C charging port on its new LED panel, as well, enabling users to recharge using either connector. The Lume Cube Panel's integrated 4040mAh Li-polymer battery doubles as a 5v power bank for recharging other USB devices, as well, such as a smartphone or camera.

The panel offers 1600 lux max brightness at .5m (1.6ft) and is shipped with a white clip-on softening diffuser and cold shoe mount. Operators can adjust the panel's settings on the light itself; Lume Cube says the product isn't controllable using Bluetooth and cannot be synced with a camera.

The Lume Cube Panel LED light is available from Lume Cube now for $149.95 USD.