According to a report on the Japanese Nikkei website, electronics manufacturer Casio—one of the pioneers in the digital camera segment—is exiting the digital compact camera market. The company generated a loss of 500 million Yen (approximately $4.6 million USD) in the fiscal year that ended March 2017, and has come to the conclusion that no market growth or increase in market share can be expected for the future.

Casio had already silently withdrawn compact cameras from markets outside Japan (the last model in our database is the 12MP ZR5000 from 2016) but was still selling digital compacts in its home country until now.

Casio EX-F1 from 2008

The first Casio model in our camera database is the 1996 QV300, which offered a whopping 640 x 380 pixel resolution and a 47-106mm equivalent zoom range. Many of the company's later models did not particularly stand out from the competition, however. The EX-F1 superzoom (pictured above) was the most notable exception. Its ability to shoot 60 frames per second still images and 1200 fps videos (at a tiny resolution) were unheard of at the time of launch.

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