Last week Samsung announced its new top end mobile chipset Exynos 980 with a range of new imaging capabilities. Now it’s rival Huawei’s turn. At its press conference at the IFA trade show in Berlin the Chinese company revealed its new system-on-a-chip (SoC) that will likely power upcoming high-end Huawei devices, including the Mate 30 Pro which is expected to launch on September 19th.

Like for the the Exynos, one of the Huawei’s Kirin 990 chipset’s new stand-out features is the integration of 5G modem. Huawei says the Kirin 990 will provide peak download speeds of 2.3 Gbit/s and upload of 1.25 Gbit/s.

Of course there’s also an integrated Neural Processing Unit (NPU) that will be tasked will all sorts of AI-applications and Huawei says the new chipset will be more energy-efficient and deliver more power for mobile gaming aficionados.

Mobile photographers will be more interested in the new Image Signal Processor ISO 5.0, though. The company says it’s 15 percent more powerful than its predecessor for faster image and video processing, and also comes with ‘professional-level’ hardware noise reduction. In addition, real-time video post-processing and rendering is based on AI segmentation and is capable of adjusting color parameters frame by frame for optimized video color.

We should find out in just over a week how the new chipset performs in an actual device.