In pursuit of something different Mathieu Stern, who runs the Weird Lens Museum website, has adapted an old projector lens to fit on the front of his Sony a7 lll.

The lens he used is a Rollei 90mm f/2.4 MC that would have originally been fitted to a 35mm slide projector. Mathieu says he found the lens without its projector in a yard sale, and paid $5 for it. In the three minute video above Mathieu shows the lens in action and a number of photos captured in the sun that seem to have well controlled flare and low contrast.

As the lens has no iris the aperture can’t be varied from F2.4, but based on the results he attained, that doesn't appear to be a problem. Mathieu discovered the lens fit perfectly into a M52 helicoidal tube which then allowed him to vary the apparent length of the lens so he could focus at a normal range of distances.

The helicoidal tube has an M42 screw mount, so all he needed to do then was find an M42 to Sony E mount adapter so the whole kit would fit on his a7 lll. Sure, it's not the most elegant solution, but it got the job done. Below is a gallery of images captured with the setup and shared with permission from Mathieu.

To find more of Mathieu's work, head over to his website and YouTube Channel.