Irix has released a new filter in its Edge product line and the first in its Super Endurance (SE) series, the new Irix Edge Light Pollution filter. The offering is available in 67mm, 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, and 95mm sizes and features durable optical glass strengthened with "a special thermal treatment" and multiple coatings.

Irix says its new Light Pollution filter is designed to be used in urban environments and for nighttime photography where light pollution may obscure stars and natural colors. The filter is designed to remove the yellow glow resulting from sodium lights commonly used in urban environments.

In addition to multiple anti-reflective coatings to minimum reflections, the new Irix filter has a nano coating that repels oil and water. The surrounding aluminum frame sports a black finish resistant to damage and flares. For additional protection, Irix is selling the filter with a protective case for transportation and storage.

The new Irix Edge Light Pollution filter is available in the following sizes and prices:

  • 67mm: 95 EUR / $108 USD
  • 72mm: 107 EUR / $122 USD
  • 77mm: 125 EUR / $143 USD
  • 82mm: 135 EUR / $154 USD
  • 95mm: 149 EUR / $170 USD