For this week’s installment of Film Friday, we’re taking a look at the latest video from Bellamy Hunt, Founder of Japan Camera Hunter, wherein he provides an overview of the Fujifilm GA645ZI, a medium format camera that is considered by some to be ‘the greatest point and shoot camera of all time.’

The 11-minute video provides a comprehensive hands-on overview of the GA645ZI, a fully-automatic point-and-shoot that was originally released in back in 1998. As Bellamy notes, the GA645ZI proved to be the last camera in its lineup, which started with the GA645 with its release in 1995.

Bellamy’s unit is actually a slightly more rare black version, which was released a year after the original champagne-colored model hit the market. His overview is a fun watch for any film aficionado and well worth the time for those interested in seeing the pinnacle of medium format point-and-shoot cameras from Fujifilm.

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