Instagram has added the ability to simultaneously post photos and videos across multiple accounts.

The multi-post option appears during the process of adding the caption, location, and tags to images, above the options to share the image on other social networks. DPReview first became aware of the feature on Sunday, January 13th and contacted Instagram to confirm whether or not the feature was live across all users or only a particular subset as part of an A/B test, something Instagram is known for doing in the past.

DPReview has not heard back from Instagram, TechCrunch received confirmation of the feature via a company spokesperson that said '[Instagram is] rolling out this feature to provide a better experience for people who often post to multiple accounts.'

Currently, the feature appears to be limited to iOS devices, according to the Instagram spokesperson, with no details on when the feature might make its way to Android. Not all iOS devices will have it either and Instagram is yet to confirm a hard timeline on when the feature will be rolled out to all iOS users.