Instagramer @shams2517's obligatory "selfie." 

Instagram feeds can give detailed insight into the lives of users all over the world. Somewhere in Russia, a young soldier is posting under the name @shams2517. We don’t know very much about this young man, but we know one thing: we love his feed.

We found @shams2517 after his Instagram made the rounds on the Internet and Reddit. While the content of his photos is intriguing, it was the composition and seemingly curated visual theme that kept us flipping through his pictures.

Take a look at a few photos from @shams2517:

"Road of dinner" shows his dining hall. While many of @shams2517's photo are of daily observations, he often plays with composition, making his photos even more intriguing.
Last week @shams2517's feed received a lot of new English-speaking followers after The Mail Online featured him in an article. Since then, he has been posting his captions in Russian and English. 
A quick Google Translate of @shams2517's caption tells me that his battalion won the tug-of-war.
Outside the barracks, winter blankets the scenery with snow. 
Photos from inside the barracks are especially insightful.
"Soldiers motivators ..." says @shams2517 of the posters.
Many of the photos in @shams2517's feed show soldiers sleeping. None are as wonderfully lit and ethereal as this one.
The next time I start to feel bad about my career choices, I'm going to take a look at this photo of men doing pull ups in what looks to be coldest place on earth.
The low resolution and Instagram filters of @shams2517's photos makes them look like they were taken decades ago.