In recent times we have seen smartphone manufacturers move to slightly larger image sensors and higher pixel counts in their devices. Now Toshiba has launched a new sensor model that is in line with the new trend. The 20MP CMOS chip has the model number T4KA7 is classed as 1/2.4"-type which is approximately the same size as the sensors you would find in consumer-grade digital compact cameras and a little larger than the 1/3-inch sensors found in most conventional smartphones.

According to Toshiba the new sensor allows for device designs as thin as 6mm deep and can be expected to be used in high-end smartphones. Images captured with the T4KA7 measure a generous 5384 x 3752 pixels and therefore offer some flexibility for digital zooming or intelligent downscaling. The chip also comes with a high-speed circuit technology that allows it to capture 22 frames per second at full resolution.

First samples have already been shipped to device manufacturers and the sensor costs just under US$20. Mass production is expected to start in February 2015, so we should see first devices with the Toshiba sensor some time after that. We are looking forward to compare its performance to similarly specified sensors that are already available, such as the 20MP 1/2.5-inch sensors in the Nokia Lumia 1520 and 930.

Source: PRNewswire | via: GSMArena