In October, Adobe released Lightroom 2.0 for iOS which, unlike previous versions, can be used as a stand-alone app on your Apple mobile device, without a paid subscription to the company's Creative Cloud services. Apparently customer response to the move has been very positive and Adobe has decided to do the same with the Android version of the app.

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Version 1.4 of Lightroom for Android has been launched today and is, just like the iOS variant, free to use. It comes with the same image editing, organizing and sharing tools as before and also supports the DNG Raw format that many recent Android devices are capable of recording. 

If you decide to sign up for Adobe's free Creative Cloud trial or pay for the service, you get the added ability to synchronize files and edits with a Lightroom version installed on a desktop or laptop computer, as well as with Lightroom Web. Lightroom for Android 1.4 can now be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Source: Adobe