Profoto has announced the launch of its new B1X off-camera flash, a model that follows the maker's B1 model. According to Profoto's website, 'This isn't an update, this is a significant replacement with improvements in three important areas; power, power and power.'

The Profoto B1X boasts an 80% greater light output, as well as a battery that has 50% greater capacity able to power 325 full-power flashes per charge. The company explains that its new model offers 'the widest HSS range available on any flash,' saying it is capable of sync speeds up to 1/8000sec with 9 f-stop power range. The B1X supports both manual mode and TTL, and likewise features a high-resolution display and a 3kg / 6.6lb weight.

The B1X off-camera flash is currently available for pre-order at $4,148.