As with the original Pixel handsets, Google is stressing the quality of its Pixel 2 phone's 12MP camera, calling it the "world's highest rated smartphone camera" thanks to its DxOMark score of 98. The smartphone doesn't start shipping to buyers until November 15th, but ahead of that the company has shared a gallery of unedited images and videos taken with the handset.

The gallery was shared on Saturday by Google employee Issac Reynolds, who explained that the content includes two videos that were edited to demonstrate the camera's video stabilization through a side-by-side comparison. In addition, Reynolds says that the only equipment used in these shots, the Pixel 2 aside, were hand grips and, in certain instances, handheld reflectors.

Anyone can view and download the gallery's content for analysis using third-party software. As recently reported, Google will allow Pixel 2 owners to upload unlimited full-resolution videos and photos to Google Photos for free until 2020. Once that date arrives, and assuming the regular 15GB threshold is reached, Pixel owners will need to pay for additional storage or continue using free backups at a lower quality compressed resolution.