A versatile photography backpack called Udee is seeking funding on Kickstarter, offering a design that's meant to cover many different circumstances and needs. The backpack boasts 19 features, including a dedicated ‘photography bag,’ an external USB charging port, an integrated LED safety light, integrated earphone port, and more. With 39 days to go, the campaign is looking to hit a $20,000 funding goal to bring the backpack to production.

Udee is designed for everything from travel to regular daily use, covering most of the bases anyone could need via a combination of security, convenience and comfort features. As far as comfort is concerned, Udee has a weight reduction design that includes an X-shaped back support element combined with an S-shaped belt, memory sponge material and air permeability.

This is complemented by an anti-theft security feature in the form of a coded lock which, when used with a steel cable, can lock the bag in place and keep thieves out. Convenience is also given a strong focus, and includes quick- access zones, a 3M reflective strip, an earphone port for listening to music through headphones connected to an item inside the bag, and an external USB port for charging a phone using a battery stored within the bag.

Udee's design allows specific categories of items to be stored separately from others. A photography bag section has cushioned spaces for a camera and lenses, for example, while there's also a pocket for a laptop, sleeves for notebooks or similar items, small pockets, a glass chamber for breakable items, and even a compartment that can be used as a portable cooler. Overall, the bag has a 25 liter capacity.

Meltpartners, the entity behind Udee, is seeking funding for the bag on Kickstarter, where there’s a stated $20,000 funding goal. Backers are offered an early bird Udee basic backpack in exchange for a minimum $99 pledge, though other more substantial pledge rewards are also listed.

Via: Kickstarter