New optics manufacturer Irix has announced a second extreme wide-angle lens for full-frame DSLR users that will join the existing 15mm F2.4. The new lens is a manual focus 11mm F4 which will come in two versions – Blackstone and Firefly – like the company’s first lens.

Constructed using 16 elements arranged in 10 groups the lens offers a nine-bladed iris with apertures from F4 to F22. Electrical contacts allow users to control aperture values from the camera body and for aperture values to be recorded in EXIF data.

Irix says this new 126° lens is unique because it exhibits only 3.13% curvilinear distortion on a full-frame sensor and shows test images to back up the claim, along with MTF charts that describe the expected resolution.

Available in mounts for Canon, Nikon and Pentax the lens is weather-sealed and comes in rugged or lightweight versions. The Firefly model is 12% lighter than the Blackstone, but the Blackstone is made from aluminum-magnesium alloy, features a metal-grooved focusing ring and has an anti-scratch coating. Those working in low light conditions might be glad of the Blackstone’s engaged markings that glow in the dark. As the forward element of both versions is so large, and the angle of view so extreme, the company has integrated a filter slot at the back of the lens for 30x30mm gelatin filters.

There is no indication yet when the lens will begin shipping but it is listed for sale on the company’s US website, with the Blackstone version costing $825 and the Firefly $595.
For more information see the Irix website.