Could a smartphone serve as digital back for your medium format camera?

Badass Cameras will launch a Kickstarter campaign to gather support for a new adapter that attaches a smartphone to a medium format camera and acts as a digital back. Before you go off on the idea of using a smartphone as a digital back for medium format film cameras, consider this scenario: 

You want to shoot medium format but can't afford a digital medium format camera or a digital back, so you pick up a used medium format film camera (KEH has some for a little more than $1,000). Sure, you can use Fuji instant film with a Polaroid back, but that can get expensive, too, so a smartphone is a quick, convenient method of getting a quick look at exposure, etc.

A lot of photographers shoot tethered and push images automatically to clients' smart devices, so your client may be accustomed to seeing images as they're shot. The idea here is that the smartphone will simply capture what is seen in the viewfinder, so there are many potential issues. But, while this type of smartphone capture is not the same as a Polaroid/Fuji instant print — and certainly nothing like tethering — it's a low-end solution that may be helpful to you or your clients.

We are, however, skeptical about a few things, including image quality (of course), the cost of the adapter and whether or not it will even get off the ground. The company's Kickstarter has been postponed and there's no website for Badass Cameras, so keep an eye on its Facebook page for updates.

Via The Phoblographer

A concept view of how a smartphone could function as a digital back.