Wisconsin videographer Scott Sockett, owner of Say I Do Wedding Services, has been sued for more than $14,300 by multiple customers who allege he failed to provide the services they paid for. According to an exposé by local news organization TMJ4, Sockett was sued by nine customers and only one case was dismissed, leaving him with orders to pay back thousands of dollars.

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TMJ4 spoke with three of Sockett's former customers, each of whom alleged the videographer either failed to show up to the wedding or only provided some of the services that were paid for.

A screenshot of the latest complaint shown on Scott Sockett's BBB profile.

In the case of customer Heather Timm, according to the report, Sockett delivered a wedding video that included clips from a different wedding. Another customer, Alexandra Moiser, claims she paid $1,400 for services that included videography, uplighting, a photo booth, and a DJ, but only the DJ made an appearance. And in the case of customer Michelle Heck, Sockett allegedly didn't even come to the wedding.

Sockett's business is listed by the Better Business Bureau with an 'F' rating alongside a dozen complaints, including the above complaint, alleging failure to provide services paid for, failure to provide refunds, and in some cases, failure to show up for the wedding. Below is a PDF document linked on Sockett's WeddingWire profile under the business name S2 Wedding Solutions that highlights what the company offers.

Sockett spoke with TMJ4 as part of its report, stating that the company is 'in the process of trying' to issue refunds. However, existing complaints from past customers claim Sockett had promised them refunds, photos, and more repeatedly without following through on the claims. In addition, Sockett claimed a competitor is behind the bad online reviews and that those alleged customers 'were never actually customers or clients of ours.'

Sockett also told TMJ4 'he has had people who are happy with his services' and would email the news team a list of said parties. TMJ4 ends its article saying 'We have not heard back.'