Earlier this month, at CP+, DPReview got its hands on the Sigma MC-21 adapters, a pair of adapters that allow either Sigma's SA- or Canon EF-mount lenses to be used on L-mount cameras. At the time we weren't given details on pricing or availability, but today that changes. Sigma has announced the Sigma MC-21 SA-L and EF-L adapters will be available starting April 2019 for a cost of $169 USD and $249 USD, respectively.

As we were told at CP+, the SA-L and EF-L adapters can be used with 29 existing Sigma lenses, including 23 full-frame lenses and 6 APS-C lenses from the Global Vision lineup. This brings the total number of supported L-mount lenses to 40, including the 11 DG Art primes and and native L-mount lenses. At the time of the initial announcmenet Sigma said the adapter would work with 'any L-mount camera body.' Sigma is now saying that the MC-21 won't work with existing Leica L-mount camera bodies due to 'specifications [that] have changed.'

A full list of the Sigma lenses supported by the SA- and EF-mount lens adapter.

Sigma also confirms that data pre-loaded on the MC-21 adapters ensures autofocus and aperture control have been optimized for the supported lenses and says future lenses will hold the required data in the lens itself, meaning no firmware updates will be needed. The MC-21 adapters also support EXIF data transfer and various in-camera correction functions including chromatic aberration, peripheral illumination, magnification and distortion.

Additional features include an integrated tripod socket for mounting larger lenses without tripod support and an internal flocking that's used to reduce internal reflections.

On the Foveon front, Sigma notes it 'will aim to [eventually] replace its SA-mount lenses with the native L-mount versions, but until then, Foveon shooters can rely on the existing offering of Sigma MC-21 at a lower price point to ease the transition to the new system.'

Update (March 29, 2019): Additional details regarding the MC-21's compatibility with existing L-mount camera bodies has been added after clarifying a discrepancy in Sigma's material.

Press release:

Sigma Announces Pricing & Availability for Sigma Mount Converter MC-21

Available in April 2019, the new accessory ensures compatibility of the Sigma lenses in EF and SA mounts with the L-Mount camera systems

Ronkonkoma, NY – March 29, 2019 – Sigma Corporation of America, a leading still photo and cinema lens, camera, flash and accessory manufacturer, today announced pricing and availability for the new Sigma Mount Converter MC-21, offering photographers a wider range of lens options for L-Mount cameras from Sigma, Leica and Panasonic. The Sigma MC-21 will start shipping in April 2019 and will be priced at $169.00 USD for Sigma SA-L mount and $249.00 USD for Canon EF-L mount.


The Sigma Mount Converter MC-21 allows for Sigma’s SA mount and Canon EF mount lenses to be used on L-Mount camera bodies. By attaching MC-21 to a Sigma SA mount or Sigma Canon EF mount lens, it becomes compatible with the L-Mount camera system without compromising usability and image quality. The development of Sigma MC-21 increases the number of interchangeable lenses manufactured by Sigma to be used with the L-Mount systems by 29, offering a total of 40 lens choices, including 11 DG Art primes with native L-mount. The addition of MC-21 to the Sigma accessory lineup will increase the accessibility of the L-Mount system and further Sigma’s role in the strategic L-Mount Alliance alongside Leica and Panasonic.

The full list of compatible lenses and technical specifications can be accessed here and product imagery can be downloaded here.


The lower price for the Sigma MC-21 in Sigma SA-L mount reflects the company’s appreciation for the loyal Sigma camera user. Eventually, Sigma will aim to replace its SA mount lenses with the native L-mount versions, but until then, Foveon shooters can rely on the existing offering of Sigma MC-21 at a lower price point to ease the transition to the new system.