Pergear has announced a new line of ‘Ultra’ CFexpress Type B cards that offer improved write speeds while also dramatically undercutting the cost of other CFexpress Type B cards on the market with similar performance.

The new ‘Ultra’ cards offer sequential read and write speeds up to 1665MB/s and 1300MB/s, respectively, according to Pergear. This puts them in line with Angelbird’s second-generation CFexpress Type B cards, which also top out at 1400MB/s write speeds.

However, unlike Angelbird's offerings, which retail at $480 and $960 for the 1TB and 2TB models, respectively, Pergear’s 1TB and 2TB cards retail for $399 and $599, respectively.

Delkin Devices also has affordable CFexpress cards with read and write speeds of 1730MB/s and 1540MB/s, respectively, but Pergear’s newest models still manage to undercut Delkin Device’s 1TB and 2TB models, which retail for $499 and $749, respectively.

Other features from Pergear’s new ‘Ultra’ cards include an Adaptive Power Management (APM) function to prevent overheating and an operating temperature range of -10˚C to 70˚C (14˚F to 158˚F). Both models come with a five-year limited warranty.

You can find both the 1TB and 2TB ‘Ultra’ cards on Pergear’s website for $399 and $599, respectively. Pergear is also bundling both models with a CFexpress Type B card reader for an additional $20. There’s also a coupon code (1PCJF6SVVJJW) on the product page that will save you an additional 10%.