Magnum 'Conditions of the Heart' square print sale 
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Magnum 'Conditions of the Heart' square print sale 

Kochi, India, 2014 © Alex Webb / Magnum Photos

Magnum Photos recently tasked its photographers with capturing photographs related to the theme ‘Conditions of the Heart,’ doing so for the organization’s Square Print Project. This project was inspired by David ‘Chim’ Seymour’s work, and is itself part of a larger series that examines the work of Magnum's four co-founders. A new square print sale is now offering these photos as museum-quality 6x6 prints for a short duration.

The square print sale started yesterday, October 31, and is running through November 4 at 6PM EST. During this time, the public can purchase high-quality 6x6 prints that are signed and estate stamped for $100 each. These square prints are printed onto archival paper and will not be available for purchase beyond this sale. Photographers featured in the square print sale include Steve McCurry, Alex Webb, David Alan Harvey, Matt Black, and others.

Purchases can be made through Magnum Photos' online shop.