Photo: Apple

Most iPhone launches involve some sort of shortage because demand frequently outstrips supply, but if you're excited about Apple's new flagship iPhone X and the impressive camera equipment inside, the news is worse than usual. According to both the Wall Street Journal and Fast Company, manufacturing difficulties surrounding the phone's Face ID hardware could lead to serious shortages and shipment delays come November 3rd.

Many photographers and photo enthusiasts are very excited about Apple's newest smartphones. According to Apple's keynote, both the iPhone 8/Plus and iPhone X boast bigger image sensors, and the iPhone X in particular features OIS on both the wide angle and telephoto lenses built into the back of the phone.

Add to that some image processor advances and a seriously powerful new video encoder that Apple built into the A11 chip, and there's good reason to be impressed by the performance of the iPhone 8 Plus so far, and expect even better performance out of the iPhone X.

But even if you pre-order your iPhone X on October 27th, the day the phone goes up on Apple's website, this Face ID manufacturing snafu could mean availability is severely limited for months. Similar manufacturing issues with the iPhone 7 Plus dual camera module kept that phone in short supply well into December.

Bottom line: if you're holding out on buying the iPhone 8/Plus in favor of the iPhone X, don't be surprised if your wait extends well past November 3rd.