Photos hashtagged with #puddlegram capture watery reflections around the world. Photos by: @_upisdown@martinhjortsoe@kriskruse@waddy722@thomasrockstar.

Hashtags have become a hidden language within our social networks, allowing us to label and follow any topic we denote with the # symbol. Once used primarily to link Twitter conversations, most social sharing platforms users now rely on the mechanism to make their content more accessible, help them find other like-minded individuals or even #justtobefunny.

It's easy to spot trending hashtags when browsing Instagram and its ilk  — Webstagram reports #love, #instagood, #me, #cute and #photooftheday remain top tags today — but Ink361's recent recap of the "top 12 awesome Instagram hashtags" gives a more interesting look at photos we're sharing socially.

The online Instagram web viewer assembled this collection of creative hashtags for the Ink361s blog, including the crowd-pleasing #weeklyfluff which highlights cuddly creatures of all kinds and the more unusual #16x9fordays which extends far beyond Instagram's standard 1:1 crop. By going beyond common hashtags used for everyday snapshots, these more descriptive tags can help photography enthusiasts find  some true gems hidden within the crowded social sphere.

Portrait photogrphers should peruse #storyportrait for original environmental portraits. Photos by: @emmaleighphoto@jeffreydgerson@mchltckr@cschoonover.
The #weeklyfluff hashtag elevates the art of pet photography. Photos by: @lunathedachshund@mtalants@nala_cat@hadiye_@goldenjays.
#16x9fordays lets users break free of the Instagram square. Photos by: @slimmy@inomad@javierchor_photography@winder23@dailyfind.
Follow #wicked_flip to gain a new perspective. Photos by: @furuyamac@pelenguino@wjnphoto@colorado_sunshine,@irie_squares.

Let's hear from you: What are some unusual or interesting hashtags you're following on Instagram?