As a kid, did you ever wish you could capture what it would be like to have a first-person perspective inside a Hot Wheels car as it raced around the tracks you’d built? If so, be prepared to relive the glory days.

Hot Wheels manufacturer Mattel has partnered with GoPro to launch a special edition vehicle designed specifically to carry a GoPro Hero5 Session onboard—the ‘Zoom In’.

This little vehicle, which is part of Hot Wheels’ ‘Experimotors’ lineup, is effectively the bottom half of a standard Hot Wheels car with a square cutout in the middle and a latch to help hold the GoPro in place. It features GoPro’s signature black and blue branding for colors, with a splash of red on the wheels.

YouTuber Izzy’s Toy Time has already tested out the ‘Zoom In’ with a Hero5 Session and shared the results:

The best part is, the ‘Zoom In’ costs no more than a standard Hot Wheels car, meaning you can probably pick one up for a dollar or so at your nearest supermarket or toy store. Of course, you’ll need a GoPro Hero5 Session camera as well, which is retailing for about $120 at the moment. But if you have one on hand, it’s well worth it to wrangle up a few quarters and take this thing for a spin around the track.