Gavin and Dan of The Slow Mo Guys are back to their typical slow mo fun. This time, the crew overloaded capacitors and recorded the results at a blisteringly fast 187,500 frames per second. When slowed down for presentation, that's about 7500 times slower than you can see with your naked eye.

The camera of choice is the Phantom TMX 7510. The crew used the same camera last summer to record glass shattering at 800,000 fps. To achieve 187,500 fps speed, the Phantom TMX 7510 must record at 1280 x 320 resolution. You can shoot even faster as you decrease vertical resolution, up to 1.75M fps.

Despite their small size, the capacitors create a big reaction. Some of the explosions even look like fireworks. The team worked with different capacitors, including some with a built-in venting safety feature. Some capacitors include hashes in the metal at the top to create a weak point, should the capacitor be overloaded and blow. Even smaller capacitors don't always include this safety feature. Those capacitors delivered the more interesting results because the energy needs to find its way out of the capacitor without a designed weak point.

If you want to see the same high-speed Phantom TMX 7510 camera shoot even faster, you can watch The Slow Mo Guys shatter glass at 800,000 fps below.

To see more from The Slow Mo Guys, head over to YouTube. To learn more about the impressive Phantom TMX 7510 camera that Gavin and Dan used to record exploding capacitors, refer to our coverage of the camera's announcement last March.