Update (Wednesday, January 28, 2020): PDN has posted a statement confirming the previously published information. We’ve attached PDN’s entire statement at the conclusion of this article:

Over the past few weeks, there have been rumblings behind-the-scenes that Photo District News (PDN) is shutting down. Curious to know the veracity of these claims, DPReview contacted PDN’s publisher, Emerald Expositions, last week and were connected with a high-level source who confirmed off-the-record that the details in the rumors were indeed true and an official statement would follow ‘in the next few weeks.’

This afternoon though, American Photography’s Pro Photo Daily published a statement from an Emerald Expositions spokesperson confirming the exact news we were told was off-the-record: that PDN would cease operation of its print magazine and no longer post new articles to PDN Online, but continue to publish Rangefinder Magazine as an online publication as well as continue both the PhotoPlus and WPPI tradeshows.

A look at what will be the final six print issues of Photo District News.

We have confirmed, via our aforementioned source at Emerald Expositions, that Pro Photo Daily’s quotes were from an Emerald Expositions spokesperson, but that they were said off-the-record and not meant to be shared at this time. Thus, we’re now at a point where Emerald Expositions hasn’t publicly confirmed its closure but has confirmed the now on-the-record statements are indeed true.

Until Emerald Expositions publicly shares further details, we will stick to quoting only what Pro Photo Daily shared in its article:

'PDN’s current owner, Emerald Expositions, has confirmed that the print edition of the magazine will no longer be published, and that no new content will be added to its online edition. Rangefinder magazine, also owned by Emerald Expositions, will continue to be published […] “The PDN online content will not vanish, and we’re looking for ways to ensure that what content there is will continue to be easily accessible, but there won’t be new content,” said a spokesperson for Emerald Expositions, which operates business-to-business trade shows in the United States, including the PhotoPlus show in New York and the WPPI show in Las Vegas, the largest trade show for wedding and portrait photographers and filmmakers. Both trade shows will continue.'

Our source at Emerald Expositions also shared with us the following statement, paraphrased for clarity with permission:

'We [at PDN are] extremely appreciative of the PDN community and photo community at large. Our goal is to give our engaged and committed community the info they want when and where they want it. PDN, in its current form, is being retired [but] our community and content isn’t going away; it will just be servicing the community in different ways.'

We will share more information regarding PDN when the details are made public by Emerald Expositions.

Photo District News (PDN) to Be Retired, Rangefinder Shifts to All-Digital Format

NEW YORK — Emerald Expositions announced that as of today, Photo District News (PDN) will no longer publish content. PHOTOPLUS will still be produced this fall at the Javits Center.

“The photography industry has undergone significant changes since PDN was first published in 1980, and the needs of professional photographers have changed along with it. By adjusting our offerings, we can further our mission of providing streamlined, cutting-edge resources that help imaging professionals of all levels achieve their goals and live their passion,” states Johanna Morse, Senior Vice President, Conference Development.

Rangefinder will shift to an all-digital content hub with the WPPI exclusive edition distributed at the show this February 23–27 in Las Vegas. There will be greater integration between Rangefinder and WPPI.

“By evolving Rangefinder and WPPI together, we will build a streamlined, centralized information hub that integrates the online and live event experience while creating new opportunities for the broader community to connect,” continues Morse.