ProGrade Digital has launched Refresh Pro, a new program designed to monitor the health of specific ProGrade Digital memory cards and refresh your card’s performance to factory new condition.,’ according to ProGrade Digital.

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The software, available now Windows computers (with a macOS version coming soon), works with all of ProGrade Digital’s memory card readers and all cards that feature the ‘R’ logo on the front, as shown in the below image.

When a compatible card reader and memory card are used with Refresh Pro, the program will use a three-color status indicator (green, yellow, red) to denote how healthy the card is: green is a healthy card while red is one more at risk for failure. ProGrade Digital clarifies within the software the Refresh Pro looks for ‘key attributes of your card’s use history to determine how much life is remaining before you reach design limits.’ It goes on to say ‘If your card has less than 10% remaining life, you should consider replacing it soon.’

On the refreshing front, ProGrade Digital says the program will ‘clean up the way data is stored to your card to ensure it’s optimized for the highest performance.’ ProGrade Digital suggests running a ‘Refresh’ regularly to keep the card operating at its best.

Refresh Pro is available to download with a perpetual license on Windows 10 for $29.99. You can find out more information and download the program on ProGrade Digital’s website.

Update (August 22, 2019): The article has been updated to clarify that a macOS version is on the way, but not currently available.