Last month, a website called Pixel Peeper launched with the ability to determine which Lightroom edits were made to an image. Thanks to a recent update, users can now also use Pixel Peeper to determine which Lightroom preset was applied to an image.

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The Preset Finder feature requires users to upload their previously-used Lightroom presets. Once uploaded, the system will identify which preset was applied to any image uploaded to Pixel Peeper. This feature only works with presets the user has already purchased and uploaded, however—it doesn't identify presets that haven't been uploaded to the system.

The new feature is limited to 10 presets that expire after 30 minutes for free users, but it's unlimited for premium users who pay the $25/year fee.

In addition to finding presets, Pixel Peeper retains its original ability to figure out which Lightroom settings were used to edit an image, something it presents using a series of sliders for settings like exposure, tint, clarity, and more. The tool also displays EXIF data when possible, including the camera model and lens used to take the image, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and more.