Sony’s last A-mount camera was the a99 II, which was released in September 2016.

It appears as though Sony has discontinued its remaining DSLTs*, suggesting the A-mount era is over.

As noted today by Sony Alpha Rumors, Sony’s a68, a77 II and a99 II A-mount DSLT cameras are no longer listed on its website and are even disappearing from online retailers. It’s unknown when these changes occurred, but based on a snapshot of Sony’s camera listing page via Wayback Machine, the listings have been gone since at least April 28, 2021.

An illustration showing the internal construction of the LA-EA5 adapter, with emphasis on the screw-drive motor.

News regarding Sony’s A-mount lineup has been scarce over the past few years. The last notable announcement regarding the A-mount was the release of the LA-EA5 in September 2020. The LA-EA5 is a compact A-mount to E-mount adapter that appears to have been a transitional product for ushering in A-mount users to Sony’s E-mount system.

We have contacted Sony to confirm the discontinuation of the a68, a77 II and a99 II A-mount DSLT cameras, but have yet to receive a response as of publication. We will update accordingly if we receive a response.

*Sony's use of fixed translucent mirrors means the term 'DSLR' is somewhat of a misnomer for the majority of its A-mount cameras.