Google Photos will soon be updated with several new features we've heard about through a slightly unconventional communications channel. Google Photos product lead David Lieb made the most of some unexpected downtime this week by asking Twitter users what kind of features they would like to see next in Google Photos.

In the end, the message exchange went on for hours and revealed some of the new features and functions Google Photo users should be looking forward to in the nearer future. One of them is a manual face tagging option that will let you tag faces that have not been automatically tagged by the face recognition algorithms.

In addition, a few functions that already exist in the web version of Google Photos will also be available in the mobile app. Soon mobile users will be able to search for recently uploaded photos. In the Android version, you'll also be able to edit timestamps and delete photos while in an album, both functions that are already available in the iOS version.

There's no exact schedule for the availability of the new features, nor do we know if any of the features suggested by users—for example a map feature, removing duplicates and showing photo descriptions in slide shows, will ever make it in the app—but it's good to see a company like Google communicate with users in such an open way.