Peer-to-peer camera equipment rental platform KitSplit has acquired its rival CameraLends to form the world's largest peer-to-peer gear rental community. The combined entity will be managed under the KitSplit brand from headquarters in New York and CameraLends founder Adam Derewecki will join KitSplit as an advisor. 

"There are more content creators today than ever before and they all need access to top quality, affordable gear. Since launching a little over a year ago, KitSplit has made huge improvements in gear rentals, making creative work and connecting with creators even easier and more affordable. The CameraLends acquisition will further our goals of democratizing access to great gear and empowering creators," says KitSplit cofounder and CEO Lisbeth Kaufman.

CameraLends user accounts including gear information have already been integrated into the Kitsplit web platform to smooth the transition for existing CameraLends users. In addition to individuals, KitSplit also works with rental houses and production companies to expand its gear pool. More information is available on the KitSplit website.