Tenba has announced the arrival of Ridged Lens Capsules, a collection of five individual lens cases designed to keep lenses safe and sound in storage and travel, as well as a pair of Gear Pouches, both of which feature a clear window on the front to identify what gear is stored inside.

Ridged Lens Capsules are available in five sizes, from compact pancake lenses, all the way up to a 200-400mm zoom. The Lens Capsules feature moulded tops and bottoms and include a dedicated secure loop strap that makes it easy to attach them to MOLLE webbing on backpacks or directly onto various belt systems. Each of the Lens Capsules feature an included microfiber cloth that's hidden inside a pocket on the lid.

Tenba uses YKK zippers, a padded interior, a soft lining and include a dedicated handle on the top for easy removal and transport. There's even an included microfiber cloth in a secure pocket on the lid of each Lens Capsule.

The various sizes of Ridged Lens Capsules are as follows:

9x9cm (3.5x3.5in) — £18 ($20.95 USD)
13x9cm (5x3.5in) — £20 ($22.95 USD)
15x11cm (6x4.5in) — £31 ($35.95 USD)
23x12cm (9x4.8in) — £32.50 ($37.95 USD)
30x13cm (12x5in) — £38.50 ($44.95 USD)

The two new gear pouches are small bags designed to hold anything from small lenses to cables and audio equipment. Both pouches feature a clear TPU window to make it easy to see what's packed inside.

The two Gear Pouches, which come in 19.05cm (7.5in) and 29.21cm (11.5in) sizes, are blue and sold in a set for £20 ($24.95 USD).

You can find the new products and more at Tenba's online shop.