GoPro has given a boost to its Plus subscription service. From now on the service offers unlimited cloud storage space for photos and videos to its subscribers. Previously users could upload unlimited photos but there was a 35-hour limit for video footage.

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The service is specifically useful for users of WiFi-enabled GoPro cameras, such as the Hero5, Hero6 and Hero7 models, who can now automatically upload all captured footage to the cloud, without the need for any manual data transfer to a computer or other device first.

In addition to the lifted storage limit, the discount on GoPro accessories has also been increased for Plus subscribers. It is now 50% off most mounts and other accessories, compared to 20% previously. What hasn't changed is the monthly subscription rate at $5 which makes the service a pretty enticing option for GoPro power users. There's also a 30 day free trial period for the service if you're interested in trying it out first.