Kano, a maker of DIY educational tools, is seeking crowdfunding for a trio of DIY project kits, one of which is its new educational Camera Kit. The Camera Kit enables anyone to build a simple camera and then program it with various functions using drag-and-drop code, the goal being to impart an overall knowledge of how cameras and their related software work.

The camera is assembled from pre-made parts using an included instructional ‘storybook.’ DIYers can choose which lens they want to use — a macro, fisheye, or wide-angle — and can add both a flash and a trigger. The Camera Kit also includes a Tripwire Sensor which, when added, emits an infrared beam. If someone or something moves through the beam, the camera will snap a picture.

Various functions can be added via the programming software, including features like triggering photos via sound using an integrated microphone, adding real-time data to photos like the current weather, and more. The software also enables users to create their own photo filters.

Overall, the Camera Kit features the camera ‘brain,’ an LED ring flash, tripwire sensor, mode dial, lenses, viewfinder, battery, charging cable, tripod, lanyard, camera case, storybook and stickers.

The Camera Kit is one of three project kits Kano is seeking funding for on Kickstarter. As with the other two kits, the Camera Kit is offered as a $99 pledge, with estimated retail cost being $129.99. Kano anticipates shipping its Camera Kit to backers in March 2017.