iOS 7's camera interface is very different from its predecessor.

Deep in the code of Apple's iOS 7 beta 2 lies a few lines that are making iPhone camera app developers very excited. The API headers indicate that the forthcoming version of Apple's mobile operating system (expected this fall) will have smile and blinking recognition. 

Some API headers in the latest iOS beta version indicates that iOS 7 will have smile and blinking recognition.

Apple's competitors already have some version of this capture technology — be it Android's Best Shot, or BlackBerry's Time Shift —a nd now it seems that Apple is stepping up to make its camera a little "smarter."

While the feature may be helpful for snapshots, if this piece of code manifests itself within the camera app, one can't help but wonder what that will mean for the direction of iOS's native camera application. As an iPhone photographer yearning for more manual controls in the native camera application, I worry that this is just the tip of a clunky software-laden iceberg (a lá Samsung's feature-rich Galaxy S4 camera.) Hopefully such an addition would live under the surface of iOS 7's camera feature, only revealing itself if the user manually turns it on.

What do you think? Does the iPhone camera need smile and blink recognition?