Photo Editor by Aviary comes to Windows Phone 8

Photo Editor by Aviary is now available in the Windows Phone Store, and free for a limited time. The editing app has already gained praise from iOS and Android users for its powerful photo editing tools, which you've also seen incorporated into Flickr and other photo apps, as Aviary offers a free software development kit (SDK) for developers.

More for Windows Phone 8: Vine, Vine substitute, Oggl Pro 

Windows Phone 8 users can also look forward to an official version of Twitter's 6-second video app Vine coming to the platform, according to several tech sites. Until then, 6Sec is an unofficial Vine client app launched yesterday that allows full access to Vine features through the platform. The app is free, but limits you to two video uploads unless you make a $1.49 in-app purchase to unlock unlimited uploads.

Nokia also revealed last week that its newest flagship smartphone, the 41-megapixel Lumia 1020, will come with a "pro" version Hipstamatic's social network Oggl, exclusive to the new phone. We took a closer look at the forthcoming Oggl Pro here.

Still no news on a long-awaited Windows Phone 8 version of Instagram.

Hipstamatic now plays better with Oggl

Updates to Hipstamatic apps allow you to import lenses and films from Hipstamatic Classic 265 to Oggl v. 1.1.2.

The iOS versions of Hipstamatic and its complementary creative social media app, Oggl, have both received updates to allow users to export their purchased Hipstamatic lenses and filters to Oggl. You'll need both updated apps (Hipstamatic Classic version 265 and Oggl version 1.1.2) to make this work, though. Read more here.

Groopic allows for elaborate selfies

A new app for iOS devices wants to put photographers in their photos. For $1.99 in the App Store, Groopic lets you combine two photos to include the missing photographer. Watch the demo video:

Tangent for iOS applies unique graphic filters 

 A brand new app for iOS allows for the creation and application of unique graphic filters to your photos. Tangent has 15 customizable styles that combine shapes, fills, and blends to apply a unique effect to user's photos. Available in the iOS App Store for $0.99, Tangent is getting a positive response in its first days since launch. The App Whisperer took a close look at the app and reported a good first impression.

Tangent for iOS has 250 combinations of styles and colors.

Instagram allows for web embeds

Previously, if you wanted to re-blog an Instagram photo, you had to screenshot the image, save it and re-upload it. Now, as we recently reportedall you have to do is click on the new share button to the right of the photo or video. Once the embed code is generated, just copy and paste to your blog or website.  So if your photo or video is embedded on your — or someone else's — blog, viewers will know who created the image and be able to visit your Instagram page to see more of your work. 

Here is an Instagram photo of mine in an official Instagram embed: