Profoto has announced the A1X, an updated version of its A1 speedlight that's improved in nearly every way.

The A1X isn't quite a successor to the A1. Instead, it sits alongside the A1 as a more powerful alternative in the event the A1 just isn't enough for your needs. In the words of Profoto, it has 'a little more of everything.'

Specifically, the A1X has a more powerful internal battery that gets 450 full power flashes per charge compared to the 350 of the A1. It also features a 1 second recycling time compared to the 1.2 second recycling time of the A1, 20 wireless channels instead of 8 and a new display interface, similar to the one found on Profoto's B10 light. The A1X is also available for Sony, whereas the A1 was limited to Canon and Nikon camera systems.

Aside from the above differences, the A1X is effectively identical to the A1. It features the signature round head, AirTTL and HSS, a magnetic click-on mount for Profoto's optional Light Shaping Tools, an LED modeling light, built-in Air Remote capabilities and firmware update functionality. The device can be used both off-camera and on-camera, features flash durations from 1/800th to 1/20,000th and can work at distances up to 300m (1,000ft).

Below is a hands-on video created and shared by Adorama:

The A1X measures in at 75mm x 108mm x 165mm (3.0in x 4.3in x 6.5in) and weighs 560g (1.23lbs) with the included battery. Included with the flash unit is a Li-Ion battery, a USB Type-A to Micro B, a power cable, a battery charger, a flash stand, a dome diffuser, a bounce card and a dedicated bag for protecting the A1X.

The A1x is available for Canon (Adorama, B&H), Nikon (Adorama, B&H) and Sony (Adorama, B&H) camera systems for $1,095, a full $100 more than the A1.