Last week, Leica confirmed that the newly-released Leica TL2 had a serious issue: when used with the company's Visoflex electronic viewfinder, the camera could simply stop working... permanently. Fortunately, the company has come up with (and rigorously tested) a firmware update that will fix the issue.

The new firmware, version 1.1, is available to download from Leica's website now, and it fixes the 'defect' the company described in its original notice to customers. If you own a TL2 and Visoflex viewfinder, consider this update mandatory, not optional.

Here is the official statement from Leica:

Important Information for Leica TL2

The fault when using the Leica TL2 together with the external electronic viewfinder (Visoflex) has been identified.

In order to rectify this defect, an updated Firmware can now be downloaded now from the Leica Corporate Website and at your local authorized Leica Dealer. With the new Firmware 1.1 the Leica TL2 is fully functional; camera and viewfinder can be used without any restrictions.

We thank you for your continued trust.