A new Kickstarter project is seeking funding for Hitch Hiker, a tripod head said to offer smooth and precise uniform rotations thanks to its 'balanced-motion' design. Unlike conventional tripod heads, Hitch Hiker is said to be capable of simultaneous vertical and horizontal motions without the need for clamping or locking to hold a specific position.

Hitch Hiker is made from CNC-machined aircraft-grade metal with an anodized finish and preloaded roller bearings. Levers are used to ‘fine-tune’ the way movements on each axis feel, while motion is accomplished via a knurled-grip guide handle. The tripod head has an overall weight of 2.5lbs / 1.1kg and can handle cameras or other items (including a smartphone or GPS unit) weighing up to 7lbs / 3.2kg. The model attaches to a tripod via a 3/8-16 screw.

The team behind the Hitch Hiker is seeking funding for production on Kickstarter, where a single unit in a clear/black finish is promised in exchange for a $499 or greater pledge, and a model in all-black finish for pledges of $529 or more.

Via: Kickstarter