If you are the kind of person who likes friends and social networks to 'participate' in what's going on in your life in real-time, the ACE Eyewear camera sunglasses might just be what you've been waiting for. These glasses allow for hands-free recording and live-streaming of video from your own point of view, all for a reservation fee of $100 (the total final cost of the shipping glasses is unclear).

The glasses feature an 8MP camera with a 120-degree wide-angle lens, which also allows you to record video at just under Full-HD resolution (1792 x 1168) and 24 frames per second. When connected through a smartphone’s Wi-Fi hot spot, the ACE can live-stream your video footage to Facebook, Instagram or YouTube.

A button at the top of the glasses starts recording and a built-in microphone takes care of the sound.

Thanks to a Dual Core MIPS 1.2GHz processor, power consumption during recording is low, allowing for up to 90 minutes of HD video recording or 40 minutes of live-streaming in addition to an 80-hour standby battery life. There is also 4GB of built-in memory, and files are managed via an accompanying app. All this technology fits into a pair of glasses that weighs only 50g (1.76oz) and comes with an IP65 rating for dust and splash resistance.

So far smartglasses have not really caught on with consumers, but the ACE Eyewear's low price and ability to stream to multiple networks give it an advantage over most competitors, and might make it more appealing to a larger audience.

You can find more information and pre-order a pair for yourself on the Ace Eyewear website. Delivery is planned for summer 2018.