There's a neat trick baked into the new Nikon D850 that you may not have noticed yet. Hidden away among the many features broken down in the D850 announcement is this line:

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Negative/Positive Scanning: With the optional ES-2 Film Digitizing Adapter and compatible Micro-NIKKOR lens, the camera enables super high-resolution digitizing of 35mm slides or negatives and converts them in-camera to positives

For Nikon shooters who occasionally get their film photography on, this is actually a pretty interesting and useful feature. Basically, the D850 allows you to eschew the film scanner, pop a Nikkor macro lens onto your DSLR—Nikon recommends the AF-S Micro NIKKOR 60mm f/2.8G ED—and take pictures of your negatives or slides using the FH-4 Strip Film Holder or FH-5 Slide Mount Holder.

The camera will then convert these into positives in-camera and save them as JPEGs. Sure, you'll still want to use some sort of light table or flash to light the film up for the shot, but it's quite convenient and definitely quicker than scanning.

The ES-2 was announced quietly alongside the D850 last night, will retail for $150, and is already available for pre-order on the Nikon website.