A new report from The Verge claims Instagram is currently testing a feature that allows users to re-share posts to their own account feeds. Such a feature, assuming it were to launch publicly, would allow Instagram users to share other users' content, each re-shared post reportedly showing the original poster, as well as each user that subsequently shared it.

The Verge cites screenshots of the alleged test and "an interview with a source," in its report, however Instagram told the publication that it is not developing or testing a re-sharing feature.

A re-sharing tool, if one launches, may be limited to businesses

Nonetheless, the report claims that Instagram is calling the feature "seamless sharing" internally, developing it as a way for users to present photos and videos from other users in their own feeds. This would be similar to the Stories sharing feature Instagram launched earlier this year. Each post can reportedly be shared at least two times, the reports states.

The feature pictured within the leaked screenshots is described as "extremely rough," indicating that development is still in its early stages. As with any test, it's possible no such feature will be launched publicly to users. The report also points out that a re-sharing tool, if one launches, may be limited to businesses as a way for users to share merchandise posts with their followers.

Via: The Verge