Dblcam takes photos from the front and back camera at the same time.

While most apps ask photographers to choose between the front and back camera to take a photo, Dblcam asks “why not both?”

Dblcam, a free iOS app from the company that brought us Prinstagram, takes two photos at the same time—one from the front camera and one from the back. The app then combines the images to make one collaged photo.

While the obvious selfie+scenery photos pop up on Dblcam’s Instagram feed, the majority of images are creative compositions that show two side of a moment in time.

Check out some photos (and captions) from Dblcam's Instagram:

morning jog.
 Same as it ever was.
 Another #dblcam photo expedition with @tamemore. This time to the Salton Sea. Boom.
 From the #dblcam master class. Sky and ground, plus razor scooter!

 iOS users can download Dblcam for free from the App Store.