Facebook is shuttering its image sharing app Moments, the company announced on Thursday. The product, which was announced in June 2015, allows multiple Facebook users to privately share images they've taken with the people who are featured in them. The app transforms Facebook's facial recognition technology into a convenient tool, but few users are actually using the service.

The premise behind Facebook Moments is simple: many people snap images at a gathering. Those images can be manually shared with other individuals who attended the same event, but there's a chance someone may miss out on photos they were featured in.

By using its facial recognition tech, Facebook is able to scan the user's camera roll, identify other Moments users in the images, and issue an alert suggesting the user share those particular images with the other people featured in them. Google Photos offers a similar feature.

Moments was launched as a standalone app, and it'll be officially shuttered on February 25, according to an email Facebook has sent to users. CNET reports that Facebook Moments' demise is partly due to a lack of interest from users.

In addition to the email, users were given an alert within the Moments app, and any Facebook user who utilized the service within the last year will see an alert about the closure within the main Facebook app. Facebook Moments will be inaccessible starting on February 25. Users who wish to keep their images can use Facebook's new 'Export Your Moments' tool to save them.