The folks at Sphericam are back with a second generation model of their unique angular camera. The Sphericam 2 is, according to the company, the first fully spherical pro-grade 360-degree camera that records 4K footage at 60 fps. The resulting videos can be used in VR applications, as well as on platforms that support 360-degree content like YouTube and Spinnable.

Unlike other spherical cameras, Sphericam features angular sides comprising a geometric design made from anodized aluminum. These 'faces' allow the camera to be placed flat on a surface, and also house things like lenses, mounting points, and buttons. Sphericam 2 has six cameras, each using a sensor with global shutter and synchronized to fire within 50 microseconds of each other.

Footage is available as 60 fps raw/unstitched and as 30 fps stitched panoramic videos. Capturing in 30 fps allows the video to be stitched in real time; a live streaming function is currently in development. Content, meanwhile, is recorded at up to 1.2 Gbps to an internal microSD card. The camera supports use of up to six MicroSD cards at once by way of a removable module adding up to a total maximum storage capacity of 768GB, or about 85 minute of footage.

The camera has two power options: a non-removable rechargeable battery for up to 90 minutes of operation, and a USB-C port for continuous operation when plugged in. Finally, Sphericam features a total of 8 mounting points, each a standard threaded 1/4-20 offering, for use with various third-party mounting accessories. 

Sphericam 2 is available for preorder from Sphericam for $2499; shipping is estimated to start 10 to 12 weeks after ordering.

Via: Sphericam