Skylum has announced that Digital Asset Manager (DAM) for Luminar will be provided for free to owners of the current version of Luminar - details of which will be revealed "within a few weeks." Coming with the next version, Skylum will increase Luminar's retail price, promising that it will "still be very affordable."

Skylum hasn't yet revealed a shipping date for DAM, explaining that it is still working on development. The company anticipates its DAM taking Luminar "in a new direction," offering faster workflows, custom workspaces, a less cluttered interface, and much more. Talking about this is Skylum president Scott Bourne, who said in the company's recent blog post:

Skylum plans to build our DAM so that we can keep simple things simple. We're focusing our research and engineering efforts on a few key things. We want our software to be fast. Our goal is to be the fastest. Period. We also want to make sure that with Luminar, it will be fast, fun and easy to browse, rate, edit, share, and enjoy your pictures. That's it.

Future versions of Luminar will be created with the company's design goals in mind. Skylum is encouraging its customers to make sure they're using the latest Luminar version to be put in the queue for the eventual free beta DAM.

Via: 43Rumors