Henry Diltz, an official photographer of the Woodstock music festival held in August 1969, has detailed his experience in a new six-minute video produced by Keeper and directed by Scott Hanson. Diltz captured thousands of photos during the three-day festival, which was attended by nearly half a million people.

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‘It’s almost every day now, people are asking me to interviews, about Woodstock, to use my photos, and my remembrance of it,’ Diltz says in the new short film. The photographer explains how he landed the job, revealing that he was only able to attend the event thanks to lighting director Chip Monck, who sent Diltz a plane ticket and $500.

Unlike other photographers who attended the music festival, Diltz explains that he was allowed to shoot from a walkway built for the film crew, putting him directly in front of the concert stage. It’s from this position that Diltz was able to capture iconic photos of renowned artists, including one he says he managed to capture with all four members of The Who in the same image, something that was difficult using his widest lens.