Leica has released firmware updates for a number of its rangefinder camera systems that brings, amongst other improvements, the ability to correct for perspective distortion in-camera.

The firmware updates for the Leica M10-P, M10-R and M10 Monochrom include a ‘Perspective Control’ feature that ‘achieve[s] straighter vertical lines and a straight horizon, ensuring a natural image effect – specifically in architectural images.’ If you’re wondering how this is done, Leica describes the process in its press release announcing the feature:

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It works by calculating the image section and the required distortion correction based on the actual panning angles of the camera and the lens used. The Leica Perspective Control function automatically corrects “falling” lines in a scene.’

Below are a pair of images showing the difference the feature can make in images of tall buildings (screenshots taken from the following video):

Without Perspective Control applied. With Perspective Control applied.

Leica has also shared a video tutorial showing how the Perspective Control feature works:

You can download the latest firmware updates for the Leica M10-P, M10-R and M10 Monochrom using the respective links. You can find out more about the new feature on Leica’s page dedicated to the Perspective Control feature and firmware updates.